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Frequently Asked Questions

In which regions of the country do you provide services?

McConnell Excavating performs work in Ohio and surrounding states.

What service do you provide?

Large Commercial & Residential services include earthmoving, site development, sub-divisions, septic systems, underground utilities, building pads, roads and driveways, parking lots, basements, drainage tiles, trenching, waterway grading, waterlines, Grain Bin Facilities, agricultural development, manure, and retention ponds & lagoons, Lakes & Ponds, environmental, wetland and restoration, and wind farm developments.

Are you Insured ? Bonded? Can you Provide References? And how can I obtain a quote for service?

Yes, we can provide you the information you need by calling our office at (440)774-4578

Do you just do Excavation?

No,Mcconnell Excavating can complete a project from start to finish. Removing extra contractors, saves time and money drastically reducing time and cost ..